Mountain Bikers

Mountain bikers are the black sheep of the trail world, but have certainly come a long way in the past decade. They get blamed for having the most impact on trails and habitat, but is this accusation true? Read this, and consider that mountain bikers typically move through areas more quickly and quietly than other user groups so critters can get back to their business more quickly. And they aren’t likely to pause and scan with “predatory-like” moves of people with binoculars and cameras, whom are more likley to spook animals. Bikes have the lowest environmental impact to birds as noted here, or habitats in general as noted by Micheal Beck of The Endangered Habitats League in passing during a discussion at an Earth Discovery Institute event for the reasons stated above. Regardless, it is the goal of OTC to volunteer and advocate for all user groups to make multi-use trails in Oceanside a reality.


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