trail work

Hosp Grove

Looks like a “stroller path,” but it’s still a fun, albeit short, ride. Built in 1999, it was designed extremely well, but the addition of logs to the edges has trapped water and sediment causing problems in a few areas. images:  

Calavera 2-2013

Work on Monkey Flower West, or Chamise, continues. trying to brush back some of the hand touchers, and fix/enhance some of the turns, flow, and drainage so it moves better. Hoping for more rain as its starting to get dry, and tread work will have to stop by next week, as this is a pretty …

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Calavera 1-2013 part 2

started working on Monkey Flower West:   more photos: I wanted to do a reroute here, but was told that was a no-go by the land manger, so I did the best I could snaking it left-to-right in some a “somewhat” flowy s-turns attempt to get flow and drainage. It’s a hard stretch of …

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Mission Trails- E-Ticket extension

SDMBA Trail work happens every third Saturday at Mission Trails (during the rainy months) Today focused on removing dull straightness and adding a little curve, flow, and grade reversals in a few spots to the E-Ticket extension. more:    

Trail Work- Calavera 1-2013

Calavera, Monkey Flower East January 6, 7, 10: