SD Big Point Rides


Drop one car off at the end and drive to the start at the other

Swap Shuttle:

One rider starting and one end, and the other at the other end, meeting and passing each other in opposite directions somewhere along the route AND SWAPPING CAR KEYS (best if done with riders averaging similar speeds)

SD Big Point

Hosp Grove to Tecolote ~132 mi (*see note below map):

*NOTE: in the map/track above^ the section from  Glasglow to College (south of Tamarack) is not passable. It is a future Carlsbad trail connection (that actually did connect a decade ago, but has since overgrown). It is recommended you take Tamarack to Calavera until the connection is made by the city.

SD Big Point files:

Pavement amounts vary, but there is very little! The Hosp to Tecolote route has the most, about 14 miles (~120 mi dirt).

By downloading these link(s) and/or following the route(s) you agree to the terms and conditions. If you run into fencing, and/or signs prohibiting entry, we suggest you find an alternate route through that section. Enjoy! Be safe. Give respect to get respect.



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