Avoid Gore-Tex

Nature recycles, Gore-Tex will not. Detox-Outdoors!



What also bugs me, beyond the eco-fail, is it seems Gore-Tex likes monopolies, not “freed” markets. Nice to see that their reign is in decline as Gore Tex is being phased out, and enviros and new products are helping its demise. Serves them right. Gore Tex was always expensive, but that high cost didn’t cover the eco-externalities (that really cannot be measured or priced…it should have never went to market). The high price/mark-up was the luxury of the virtual monopoly they tried so hard to maintain. They had a good product, but ultimately it was bad, bad for the outdoors most people try to enjoy while using the product, and bad because they wanted to corner a market, not free it.


2022: Gore-Toxic finally added a better compound, but will still pollute with the old one.

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