Down with Goose Down

It’s getting cold, but there are alternative to bird down: Prima Loft Reviews- down-alternative-comforters Thermore- down-alternatives Aerogel Down Comforters: Animal Cruelty Dependent Upon Where You Buy FAO on Down feathers Science continues to discover new insights into the world of how animals think, act, and feel. While geese are not parrots, the work of Irene

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Restoring Acadia’s Trails

http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/10/travel/restoring-acadias-trails.html?_r=0 “For decades, a small cult of hikers mapped and walked the lost trails of Acadia[, Maine], scouring the softwood for clearings, a cairn or granite steps covered in moss. Nature takes quickly, and many were completely lost. But grant money rebuilds even faster, and in 1998, a local organization called Friends of Acadia saved

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Avoid Gore-Tex

Nature recycles, Gore-Tex will not. Detox-Outdoors! outdoor-clothing-ethical-living greener-rain-gear What also bugs me, beyond the eco-fail, is it seems Gore-Tex likes monopolies, not “freed” markets. Nice to see that their reign is in decline as Gore Tex is being phased out, and enviros and new products are helping its demise. Serves them right. Gore Tex was

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“…in the 1870s and 1880s there was another sports craze sweeping the nation: competitive walking. “Watching people walk was America’s favorite spectator sport,” Matthew Algeo says in his new book, Pedestrianism.” “Champagne was considered a stimulant. And a lot of trainers — these guys had trainers — advised their pedestrians to drink a lot of

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