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  • A Simple solution for solving Sudoku/Number Place

    Number Place or Sudoku has nothing to do with trails, but I don’t have another website to post this on and I assume someone might find this useful, so… Sudoku became more broadly popular in the US and made its way into being printed in newspapers next to crossword puzzles around 2005. That’s how I […]

  • Spiral Curve Turn

    I have laid out and/or built and experienced my share of circular turns, but also spiral and logarithmic. Recently I built a spiral 180 based on the Golden Ratio or Fibonacci sequence. More on turns here. First, I’ll say that I am a skeptic, but thought it would be fun to experience the Golden Ratio […]

  • Ask a Trail Builder

    It’s not exactly rocket science, not even close, but there are some things I take for granted while curious outsiders might have serious questions on why and how trails are built and maintained. I assume other builders are in the same boat, or maybe shoes is a better idiom to roll with. I also assume […]

  • Hyperacuity on trails

    Hyperacuity is our ability to discern very small angle differences and misaligned lines (see links below). Our vision doesn’t have to be good, and a vision test (visual acuity(sharpness)) doesn’t test this ability as the brain does a lot to amplify or help line things up or see misalignment. Sometimes I question whether I spend […]

  • Cherokee Trails, This Man is Reclaiming Them

    Many of our roads and probably some trails were Native American routes in the past. I stumbled upon this guy who thinks he is finding and mapping old Cherokee routes. There is some info on trail marker trees here, and old trails here. More on Cherokee networks here.

  • Backpacker Magazine interview

    Jack Daleo from Backpacker magazine contacted me to ask some questions about what it takes to build trails. I was most relieved when he asked who else he should contact. I gave him some names, but really didn’t know where to begin, or rather end. He contacted some of those people. You can read the […]

  • “Grand” Reopening

    It’s been at least 5 years since I had to close shop and move (more than once). To open the shop again I had to opt for not printing things myself. I might print a few select items in the future, but for now the printing and shipping happen in up to nine different locations […]

  • Tools and Machinery of the Granite Industry

    The Chronicle of the Early American Industries Association, Inc. Vol. 59, No. 2: Tools and Machinery of the Granite Industry by Paul Wood A brief history of quarry drilling Ancient Egyptian Stone-Drilling Plug and feather

  • A Bridge to Wildlife

    is still a bridge…Granted it is just a log, but…

  • Springtime Shot Against Lyme Disease?

    Coming Soon: Human Testing Of Springtime Shot Against Lyme Disease: more: Lyme disease vaccine update Tick Info and Safety