Soil Mechanics- Slope Stability

Slope Stability : PDF 1

In layered soils with plane surfaces of sliding near the slope angle transitional slides (see below) are usually observed (often with steep slopes), and for relatively flat slopes or homogeneous soils with no leading planes of weakness, the surfaces of sliding are almost always curved, or rotational. PDF 2

Type of movement Type of material
Bedrock Engineering soils
  Predominantly fine Predominantly coarse
Falls Rockfall Earth fall Debris fall
Topples Rock topple Earth topple Debris topple
Slides Rotational   Rock slump Earth slump Debris slump
Translational Few units Rock block slide Earth block slide Debris block slide
Many units Rock slide Earth slide Debris slide
Lateral spreads Rock spread Earth spread Debris spread
Flows Rock flow Earth flow Debris flow
Rock avalanche   Debris avalanche
(Deep creep) (Soil creep)
Complex and compound Combination in time and/or space of two or more principal types of movement

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Rotational slides:

more on rotation

Transitional slides:

more on transition

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