Grasshopper Geography

Although I don’t think they would be as dramatic or beautiful as the watersheds and forest maps at grasshopper geography, it would be interesting to have similar maps for trails. I am sure it is a question of when, not if. These maps certainly drive home the tread watershed concept.

Edward Burtynsky

A fellow trail builder shared Edward Burtynsky’s work with me some time ago. It’s hard to forget some of his work, or his documentation of the spoils of other people’s work, and nature, or as he says: Nature transformed through industry is a predominant theme in my work…These images are meant as metaphors to the …

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Transcaucasian Trail

I was asked more than once by my old boss in California if I knew of anyone or was interested in doing trail work myself in Armenia. I think it all began after this trip for him, or maybe beforehand because part of his heritage is Armenian. By the following year he was helping to …

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5 Things Jordan Crawford Learned From The Appalachian Trail

I stumbled upon Jordan’s Instagram, and soon after his website because he settled on “trail-ology” to name them both. After reading some of his posts I can see we certainly relate on some level beyond just a word. His piece “5 Things I Learned From The Appalachian Trail” is great (so are many of his …

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From Mine to a Universe of Rocks and…

Another one for the “bucket list.” What better use for an old coal mine than a whole new universe? This is just what the Duke of Buccleuch and architect Charles Jencks did with an open cast coal mine located within Scotland’s Lowther Hills. read more

Anyplace America

Anyplace-America contacted me about adding a link to Trailism’s mapping resource page. After a little surfing on the Anyplace-America website I decided it might be worth creating a post to say it’s worth checking out. Their trail page is a good start. The PDF topo maps seem to be geo-referenced, but I have not confirmed …

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