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  • Grade Calories

    School grades, food grades, health grades, trail grades…elevation profiles and the speed at which they are traversed are caloric profiles. The precise relationship between how fast you walk, how steep your trail is, and how much energy you burn turns out to be less obvious than you might assume, which is why researchers at the […]

  • 5 Things Jordan Crawford Learned From The Appalachian Trail

    I stumbled upon Jordan’s Instagram, and soon after his website because he settled on “trail-ology” to name them both. After reading some of his posts I can see we certainly relate on some level beyond just a word. His piece “5 Things I Learned From The Appalachian Trail” is great (so are many of his […]

  • DIY Kombucha

    I tried this method recently for my own kombucha brew. I actually just winged-it trial-and-error at first as I listed below. According to the author linked above her method doesn’t work so great anymore because since the recall in 2010 “Whatever [kombucha manufactures] did, I think they made it virtually impossible to grow a kombucha scoby […]