Knot Science

There’s a whole field of mathematics that studies knots, to explore abstract properties of idealized curves. “But that’s not what you care about if you are, for example, a sailor or a climber and you need to tie something which holds,” says Vishal Patil, a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology whose new …

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Real Time Satellite Imagery

Real-time satellite imagery isn’t available yet, but nearly real or close enough to suffice can be found. Whether clouds or not will obscure the landscape remains for you to discover. Its not surprising that not all satellites have cameras for imagery, but considering how many satellites orbit the earth it’s surprising real time imagery is …

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5 Things Jordan Crawford Learned From The Appalachian Trail

I stumbled upon Jordan’s Instagram, and soon after his website because he settled on “trail-ology” to name them both. After reading some of his posts I can see we certainly relate on some level beyond just a word. His piece “5 Things I Learned From The Appalachian Trail” is great (so are many of his …

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What 3 Words? Where Are You?

I’m not sure what to say about “what 3 words“other than “why didn’t I think of that,” which is 6 words. Beside the obvious fact that I didn’t, I can see using w3w for multiple applications, but mostly the ubiquitous question, “Where are you?” Whether it will ever replace addresses remains to be seen. People’s …

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Danger Tree Indicators

Dean McGaw(sp?) opens with, “predicting when a tree fails is really hard…” The same could be said for trails, but it’s not like we can’t make some educated guesses/hypotheses based on what we have seen, experienced, and know…as Dean does very well. PDF: Field Guide for Danger Tree Identification and Response Danger Tree Indicators 5-2-2014 …

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There’s something rewarding about breaking  and crushing rocks…I think it’s primitive, maybe genetic.


I was sorry to see my Seven rig go, but I think I can live with this…a shot before all the logos/graphics are gone. I earned this from SDMBA and Dave Turner from many months of hard work with SDMBA. The only bike I have rented…for a 2012 trip to PA. I’ll miss my Seven… …

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