Real Time Satellite Imagery

Real-time satellite imagery isn’t available yet, but nearly real or close enough to suffice can be found. Whether clouds or not will obscure the landscape remains for you to discover. Its not surprising that not all satellites have cameras for imagery, but considering how many satellites orbit the earth it’s surprising real time imagery is not available yet, as this is what near space looks like:

Related, this is worth a few minutes of fun: Satellite Viewer

kmz file for Google Earth of the satellites: here

The most recent satellite images can be seen two ways as far as I know:

  1.  Google Earth by using the Clouds layer in the Weather layer folder. Clouds of course can be frustrating as they obscure the view. Otherwise, the history slider can take users back in time, and will post/print/show the most recent time, which could be several months old.
  2. NASA’s most recent imagery is available at the DSCOVR EPIC (Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera): part of DSCOVR: Deep Space Climate Observatory




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