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  • Real Time Satellite Imagery

    Real-time satellite imagery isn’t available yet, but nearly real or close enough to suffice can be found. Whether clouds or not will obscure the landscape remains for you to discover. Its not surprising that not all satellites have cameras for imagery, but considering how many satellites orbit the earth it’s surprising real time imagery is […]

  • Made in Taiwan

    Why do we assume ‘Made in China’ or ‘Made in Taiwan’ means shitty? Because that is indeed often the case, but not always, as “Made in America” can mean products just as shitty or on the road to obsolescence just as fast. The sentiment above is also a result of consumers realizing (or caring about) […]

  • Camelbak, Giro, Blackburn, and Bell Ties to Assault Rifles and the NRA

    Some of cycling’s biggest brands, including Giro, Bell, Camelbak, and Blackburn, have become the target of a boycott by US cycling advocates – because their parent company manufactures firearms [including the AR-15] and ammunition. Would you buy a cycling product that’s made by a firearms company? There’s a good chance you already have I’ve owned […]

  • Roof Rack Reminders for Phones

    Instructions for alternatives to or additional digital backup for the analog hang tags for iOS and Android. Let me know if you have problems or the information is out-of-date beyond the user interface look/feel changing. Roof Rack Reminder for iPhones iPhones come with an app that you may or may not use called “Reminders.” The […]

  • A new type of wheelchair allows those with disabilities to go hiking

    By Hattie Bernstein, Boston Globe Correspondent  October 14, 2016 source On an early October morning when the air is as crisp as a just-picked apple, Nate Johnson rolls his power wheelchair down the ramp extending from his family’s minivan, gets a boost into a walker, and makes the transition into his hiking chair. Yes, his […]

  • Aerogel Gear

    Hopefully aerogel doesn’t prove to be as bad for the environment as GoreTex and other PFCs. Being that it is silica based, silicosis is a problem. Aerogels are a much better alternative to staying warm when compared to down. Aerogels are also “open source,” not propriety, so the benefits should prove to level the price […]

  • Avoid Gore-Tex

    Nature recycles, Gore-Tex will not. Detox-Outdoors! outdoor-clothing-ethical-living greener-rain-gear What also bugs me, beyond the eco-fail, is it seems Gore-Tex likes monopolies, not “freed” markets. Nice to see that their reign is in decline as Gore Tex is being phased out, and enviros and new products are helping its demise. Serves them right. Gore Tex […]

  • Wider Rims Are Better and Why Tubeless Tires Burp Air

    All pneumatic tires flex from side to side under lateral load shifts – it’s in their nature. One reason that wider rims give tires more lateral support is that a wider rim ensures that the tire’s contact point hovers between the rim flanges. It is possible for a tire’s contact point to migrate outside the […]