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A Year of Recognition

I’m typically modest and don’t intend to boast, but wanted to share three recent awards. American Trails‘ “Outstanding Trail Leaders” award recognizes “compelling and significant contributions to the trails movement in their states…” Movement? OK, I suppose it is. The award was via a nomination from New York State Parks. I drove to Syracuse, NY

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IMBA’s Future

IMBA has had some issues lately, not the least of which was their stance on Wilderness. They expand on their decision here. Bike Mag recently published a good piece on the future of IMBA’s “footing.” Perhaps in part due to the San Diego Mountain Biking Association, and not long after, the Mountain Bikers of Santa

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Camelbak, Giro, Blackburn, and Bell Ties to Assault Rifles and the NRA

Some of cycling’s biggest brands, including Giro, Bell, Camelbak, and Blackburn, have become the target of a boycott by US cycling advocates – because their parent company manufactures firearms [including the AR-15] and ammunition. Would you buy a cycling product that’s made by a firearms company? There’s a good chance you already have I’ve owned

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IMBA’s Position on The Wilderness Act

find the PDF here IMBA will continue to respect both the Wilderness Act and the federal land agencies’ regulations that bicycles are not allowed in existing congressionally designated Wilderness areas. IMBA is not supporting H.R. 1349.   As part of our commitment to trail access and public land stewardship, we have been involved in discussions

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