IMBA’s Future

IMBA has had some issues lately, not the least of which was their stance on Wilderness. They expand on their decision here. Bike Mag recently published a good piece on the future of IMBA’s “footing.” Perhaps in part due to the San Diego Mountain Biking Association, and not long after, the Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz, cutting ties with IMBA. There have been other issues and exits. I thank them for the many good things they have done. I hope to see them succeed, but part of me is happy to witness groups that have the ability to choose a future without them. Hopefully it is not the beginning of their end. It’s hard to see them have issues as at one time we had nothing else, or no national/international group advocating for people that mountain bike. I’m encouraged by grassroots localism and regionalism, and its success. Hopefully there are lessons learned and we all benefit near and far, with and without IMBA.

Unrelated, yet related, fun:

the 6 Flavors of PNW Trail Builders from Transition Bikes on Vimeo.

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