Made in Taiwan

Why do we assume ‘Made in China’ or ‘Made in Taiwan’ means shitty?

Because that is indeed often the case, but not always, as “Made in America” can mean products just as shitty or on the road to obsolescence just as fast. The sentiment above is also a result of consumers realizing (or caring about) the conditions on the ground where products are made. Regretfully local factory to table products, human rights, fair wages, if not outright worker owned cooperatives, are rare on all continents at this juncture, but there is hope. Rather than digress I will say that regardless of where or how something is made, or by whom, thankfully most hiking and mountain biking gear has to be made durable to survive the abusive life they will live. This doesn’t mean we should turn a blind eye to the where, and who, but this story on Taiwanese bike manufacturing gave me pause.

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