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Ramapo Crew Spotlight

The Bergen Record ran a story on one of the TCCC crews PDF format The_Record_(Bergen_Edition)_20170722_A01_2 The_Record_(Bergen_Edition)_20170722_A06_3

From Mine to a Universe of Rocks and…

Another one for the “bucket list.” What better use for an old coal mine than a whole new universe? This is just what the Duke of Buccleuch and architect Charles Jencks did with an open cast coal mine located within Scotland’s Lowther Hills. read more

If a Tree Falls…Other Trees Hear It

“In a single footstep there are over 300 miles of  fungal cells stacked end-on-end moving stuff around…a super highway” moving stuff between trees. The trees communicate and share resources through that network, and even across species. They aren’t speciesist, they are mutualists, interdependent cooperators. If humans could only learn from trees how to stand erect …

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