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  • Trail Safe

    TRAIL SAFE! is a unique safety training program designed specifically for National Park Service (NPS) Trail Volunteers, but is useful to everyone! It’s based upon NPS Operational Leadership Training, where the Human Factor of safety is explored. Trail Safe! captures the core learning objectives of the 16 hour Operational Leadership course while allowing volunteers to…

  • Stairs and Bridges, the Sane and Insane

    …marvels and loony beauty The World’s Most Terrifying Bridges (power point of the video below). The World’s Most Dangerous Stairs: link Also see this trailism bridge page and post on the world’s scariest trails.  

  • The Stair Event

    Not exactly stairs on trails, but food for thought anyway. The Stair Event, is the only film on stair use and safety. It is based on the 1978 field study of spectators’ use of stairs at the Commonwealth Games in Edmonton, Canada. The Stair Event from Copycat Video Productions on Vimeo.

  • If a Tree Falls…Other Trees Hear It

    “In a single footstep there are over 300 miles of  fungal cells stacked end-on-end moving stuff around…a super highway” moving stuff between trees. The trees communicate and share resources through that network, and even across species. They aren’t speciesist, they are mutualists, interdependent cooperators. If humans could only learn from trees how to stand erect…

  • My AT Story

    more for the Rocky Top crew, and kdog, although the AT doesn’t pass through this part of TN:

  • Flow: A Journey Through Culture and History on the Appalachian Trail