What 3 Words? Where Are You?

I’m not sure what to say about “what 3 words“other than “why didn’t I think of that,” which is 6 words. Beside the obvious fact that I didn’t, I can see using w3w for multiple applications, but mostly the ubiquitous question, “Where are you?” Whether it will ever replace addresses remains to be seen.

People’s ability to immediately remember 3 words is near perfect whilst your ability to remember the 16 numbers, decimal points and N/S/E/W prefixes, that are required to define the same location using lat,long is zero.

The “itouch map” and Glympse are a pretty good work around for this problem, as are most smart phone maps, but as my friend, who works part time in search and rescue said in regards to lat/long, “What geographic coordinate system? UPS, UTM, degrees minutes seconds, or degrees decimal minute, or decimal degrees..?” (Decimal) point taken. My 3 words for conversions, “I’d rather not.” Thankfully there’s a nifty new app for that (apple, droid). Perhaps the geographic coordinate conversion gurus will add what3words to their conversions, and possibly relegate conversions to the dustbin of history.

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