Transcaucasian Trail

I was asked more than once by my old boss in California if I knew of anyone or was interested in doing trail work myself in Armenia. I think it all began after this trip for him, or maybe beforehand because part of his heritage is Armenian. By the following year he was helping to build and repair trails in Armenia, mainly the Janapar. I didn’t realize until recently that some or all of the work would be on the Transcaucasian Trail (TCT). He wasn’t mentioned in a recent CNN article on the TCT, but he is in most of the photos. At one point he had another site with photos and write ups about building trails in Armenia, which seems to have disappeared, but it may have taken a back seat to his actual work on the ground over there, and a new venture: It appears he is taking a behind the scenes role at the Transcaucasian Trail, but maybe not considering the new NGO. Keep up the good work Hans, and thank you…yet again!


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