Trails in Literature

Trails in Literature


“…in the 1870s and 1880s there was another sports craze sweeping the nation: competitive walking. “Watching people walk was America’s favorite spectator sport,” Matthew Algeo says in his new book, Pedestrianism.” “Champagne was considered a stimulant. And a lot of trainers — these guys had trainers — advised their pedestrians to drink a lot of …

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The Old Ways: A Journey On Foot

Author Robert Macfarlane reads from his latest book, The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot. Folding together natural history, cartography, geology, archaeology and literature, Macfarlane explores the chalk downs of England, the bird-islands of the Scottish northwest, the disputed territories of Palestine, the sacred landscapes of Spain, and the Himalayas. The Old Ways is about …

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Trails on Mars

  One of my favorite sections of Blue Mars is Section Ten, Werteswandel, where Nirgal is trail running. Trail building and layout on Mars is also described. The selections below are only part of the trail narrative (pp.453-57):     …it continues: …read the book for the rest 😉

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