Trail-Marker Trees

While I am generally a consummate skeptic, and I think there are certainly natural explanations for these trees, I “think” there my be some validity to this phenomenon. Although I’ve yet to see anything convincing to ‘prove’ (in a Bayes’ Theorem like way) that these are truly what some people purport them to be, if

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Trails, Permits, Commercial Use, Personal Achievement, and Celebration

Scott Jerek recently found himself amidst a trail controversy of sorts, a “trailism” to some, or maybe a public lands controversy: Reflections on the Appalachian Trail Outside Magazine’s Grayson Schaffer, and a cadre of commenters had thoughtful and heartfelt responses to the event (before Jerek’s account above). Backpacker Magazine also reported on the incident and

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Restoring Acadia’s Trails

http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/10/travel/restoring-acadias-trails.html?_r=0 “For decades, a small cult of hikers mapped and walked the lost trails of Acadia[, Maine], scouring the softwood for clearings, a cairn or granite steps covered in moss. Nature takes quickly, and many were completely lost. But grant money rebuilds even faster, and in 1998, a local organization called Friends of Acadia saved

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A long trail

I think it has been more than five years since I began advocating for trails in Oceanside. At that time, I was advocating for trails near the Oceanside airport, and it just so happened that concurrently SDMBA (San Diego Mountain Bike Assn.) was trying to get a “Gateway” trail and pump track at Ron Ortega

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