My Hikes and Rides

Some of the links in the table below have maps, gps tracks, photos, and sometimes stories to go with them. There are a number of trails with gps tracks and geo-tagged photos below this table. I’m bad about keeping the table current, but I’m slowly catching up. The map is a little better.

The map below is still being populated, but gives a general sense of the depth and breadth of my trail travels.

If you want to follow my tracks I usually post here: Strava, and less frequently here: Geoladders. I also have some tracks on Gpsies.





Alabama  Anniston    Coldsprings Flow
   Pelham    Oak Mountain
Arizona  Flagstaff    Shultz, Moto
   Prescott    Lynx
   Tucson    50 Year
   Phoenix    Estrella
Arkansas      Syllamo
California  Escondido  PCT Sunrise  Elfin-Hodges
   Escondido     Santa Fe- Del Dios
  Livermore    Del Valle
   San Luis Obisbo   Morro
   Loma Linda   Hulda-Cooks
       Big Bear
     Mt.San Jacinto  
Colorado  Fruita    18 Road
   Fruita    Kokopelli
   Buffalo Creek    Scraggy
Georgia Amicalola Falls  400+steps  
 Missouri  Potosi    Berryman
 Nevada  Boulder City    Bootleg
       Blue Diamond
 New Jersey  West Milford    Pump Track
       Jungle Habitat
     Surprise Lake Loop  
 New York    Devil’s Path  Blue Mtn
     Long Path/Woodbury  Bear Creek
     Sterling Forest  Stewart
    Storm King  Ellicotville
     Schunemunk Waywayanda
 North Carolina      Tsali
 Ohio      Mohican
 Pennsylvania    Boulder Field  Allegrippis
   State College    Roth Rock
       Rattling Creek
 Tennessee      Tanasi
 Utah  Hurricane    JEM, Goulds
 Vermont      Green Mountain Trails
      Kingdom Trails
Virginia      Douthat
       Indian River
       Shenandoah Mtn

Geotagged Photo Trails


Most of the mountain bike rides and hikes below have photos along with the gps shapefile thanks to a nifty process developed by Geoladders. In turn, you can see the pics on a map if you hit the “player” function (sample). If you login to Geoladders you can view the gallery and direction shots in their entirety to get multiple trail-eye view shots. If you explore my geoladder account you’ll see lots of hikes and rides without photos that may also interest you. Or you can check my Strava account, though it doesn’t track my hikes well because I don’t pay for a premium membership, and it only tracks riding and running. You have to login to Strava to follow me. You can email me if you have questions about one of my hikes, rides, or trail work adventures.

The list of 4 rides below don’t have photos, but they incorporate many San Diego parks into big loops and point-to-point rides. I developed the routes with a friend, which took several years of reconnaissance. We made a sister site to house the routes, but now they live here on this site:

  1. SD Big Ring
  2. SDDC
  3. SD Big Point Rides
  4. SD DHC

Geoladder routes with photos (CA, NV, PA, AZ):

San Diego Trails

Los Angeles

Orange County

San Bernardino



Pennsylvania photos to be loaded later

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