Confessions of a trail dumb downer…

I was happy to see this piece, and recommend giving it a read: “Confessions of a trail dumb downer: Is it trail maintenance or trail sanitation?

Lev did a great job articulating what I feel about this matter. I have seen the same responses/reactions from the hiking community, and I’ve gotten some mtb hate as well. I recall crappy messages scrawled in the dust on excavators, derogatory forum posts, snide remarks, and port-o-john’s overturned…

In spite of the hate, I think there has been more love. Shout out to those that appreciate the work of unpaid and paid trail servants. I’m a proud sanitizer and flowitarian. I’m not opposed to primitivism or gnarlism, but eroditarianism is barbarism. Whatever your “trailosophy,” have fun and please pitch-in if you can. Trail science has come along way, may the evolution continue…










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