Red Bull Rampage 2015 MTB

Yikes, wow, and lame…

video of the 2015 Rampage: here

bad injury: discussed here, seen at 1:30:00 here


Good that they used some of last year’s lines as to not do too much more damage to the fragile area.

Some of the comments on Pink Bike gave me pause, but they are just comments, much like me writing here. However, the idea that I should have to help foot the bill for some the risks these riders take is silly, if not as demented as their risks. While I’m amazed, they should be on there own, especially if they build it themselves. Of course I was badly injured trying to hop a log in Colorado on a public trail, a log that became hidden due to tall grass and a stiff breeze.

73 foot canyon gap


This commentary got me: @16:10: “commentator 1: it’s the reality, that’s why it is so calculated…they spend so much time figuring out the precise speed for things…commentator 2: the precipice for perfection comes down to inches…commentator 1: there aren’t instruments to gauge speed…this is based on everyone’s past experiences and just kind of guessing and going for it…” How he went from “calculated” to “guessing” is beyond me. They could make it better with a little math and projectile motion ‘guesses,’ and consider the conservation of energy rather than “calculated/guesswork” or witchcraft, but still, the risks are almost absurd considering that a fall from ~1.5x your height can put you on the precipice of death, a breathing machine, and/or a wheel chair. A rider/contestant @3:46:00 reiterated commentator 1, “you’re kind of guessing the whole time seeing if things work… guinea pigging it half the time.” I get it, and so does commentator 2: “The willingness to risk bodily harm…for a sport you love is just incredible…”, or perhaps he meant incredibly stupid. “Is it worth it to risk it and put your life on the line?” I’m sure the rush is fantastic, but I’m doubting all the stuck landings are worth the consequences of a drawing a bad card.




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