Ron Ortega

This was the first site where planning for trails and a skills area for bikes actually had momentum, but it stopped short for liability fears and …? Trail liability is minimal, and now that some pump tracks are being paved, it seems this could happen, although dirt pump/jump tracks are preferred.

The green lines are some existing trails in Lawrence Canyon, and the orange is a proposed layout for a gateway trail.  The pump track was supposed to be between the baseball fields and the Boys and Girls Club. Perhaps if the Center City Golf Course shuts down as anticipated lately, trail planning could extend to that property as well.

It is not recommended that you enter either area as Lawrence sometimes has gang activity, and both have vagrants, and potentially vagrant encampments. The Ron Ortega potenial trail site is posted “no trespassing.”


  • this only a draft, and is NOT meant to serve as an existing trail map because most of these trails DO NOT exist, and some are not depicted
  • lines serve for informational perspective only, and do not represent actual routing

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