Attie- A Trail Dog

Recently a good canine friend of mine (actually Chris’ dog from Tahawus Trails, and The Jolly Rovers) got bitten by a snake at the job site she frequents, a copperhead I believe. Thankfully she recovered to her normal rambunctious self…and learned something.

Attie and I often play, as her playful demeanor is infectious. I had the pleasure of taking her on a trail inventory hike one day. I hiked/ran 15 miles with her at Storm King…I think she likes me a little more now.

our Storm King walk:

another section:

2 thoughts on “Attie- A Trail Dog”

    1. …and Jolly indeed! In fact I think she’s the alpha female of the entire J Rover Clan.

      Your comment just made me realize that “Rover” really makes sense now…as “Rover” is another name for a “dog” (not in the bad sense- see this The cool thing is that in addition to this, people who do trail work for a long time are called “Trail Dogs,” hence the title of the post.

      I suppose Rover is a triple entendre then (like the Side-hillbillies). Jolly Roaming Trail Dog Pirates. Was this intended from the get-go when the Jolly Rovers formed?

      For some people, the above will make more sense when you see these:
      Jolly Rovers Trail Crew: on facebook | at nynjtc
      Trail Dogs: [Trail] Dog Years

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