Knot Science

There’s a whole field of mathematics that studies knots, to explore abstract properties of idealized curves. “But that’s not what you care about if you are, for example, a sailor or a climber and you need to tie something which holds,” says Vishal Patil, a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology whose new …

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Fellowship of the Wheel

The wheel is a ring…The Fellowship of the Wheel project and ethos represents what goes on in many similar organizations/communities throughout the world. Maybe there is one near you to join (or not). Or maybe your area needs a similar “fellowship” that you can start with others. Many groups can be found at this Singletracks …

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Lyme Disease Diagnosis

Hopefully testing does indeed get better: There is a yet another tick-borne illness to add to the list: Powassan If you are in NY, an Upstate lab tests ticks for diseases — for free: For more information on tick safety and Lyme literate doctors on Trailism see this.

Grade Calories

School grades, food grades, health grades, trail grades…elevation profiles and the speed at which they are traversed are caloric profiles. The precise relationship between how fast you walk, how steep your trail is, and how much energy you burn turns out to be less obvious than you might assume, which is why researchers at the …

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A Year of Recognition

I’m typically modest and don’t intend to boast, but wanted to share three recent awards. American Trails‘ “Outstanding Trail Leaders” award recognizes “compelling and significant contributions to the trails movement in their states…” Movement? OK, I suppose it is. The award was via a nomination from New York State Parks. I drove to Syracuse, NY …

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