Buddy Todd

Oceanside Parks and Recreation Master Plan

  • Needs assessment
    • i-vi “2…significant current need exists for more children’s play areas, open recreation areas, baseball fields,… among others.”
  • Proposed improvements
    • i-vii “1) Gaps exist in public parkland and recreational elements…”
    • a) Addition of recreation elements to existing park facilities

Proposed addition, site #9 possible layout:


  • Developed in 1929
  • Oceanside’s oldest park
  • Originally named for the panoramic view of Mount Parnassus in Greece
  • Renamed for John “Buddy” Todd, the first Oceanside resident to die in World War II
  • Goals & Policies 2-1
    •2.1 Recreation Programming Goal: satisfy residents’ basic leisure time needs
    •According to page 5-16 proposed improvements “strolling and walking were among the most popular recreation activities.”
  • Policy 2.4L Incorporate bicycle, pedestrian and equestrian trail linkages and facilities in parks as recommended by the City of Oceanside’s RECREATIONAL TRIALS MASTER PLAN [the trails plan document does not exist]


  • this only a draft, and is NOT meant to serve as an existing trail map because most of these trails DO NOT exist, and some are not depicted
  • lines serve for informational perspective only, and do not represent actual routing

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