Anyplace America

Anyplace-America contacted me about adding a link to Trailism’s mapping resource page. After a little surfing on the Anyplace-America website I decided it might be worth creating a post to say it’s worth checking out. Their trail page is a good start. The PDF topo maps seem to be geo-referenced, but I have not confirmed …

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Forbidding Forecast For Lyme Disease In The Northeast

Keesing and Ostfeld, who have studied Lyme for more than 20 years, have come up with an early warning system for the disease. They can predict how many cases there will be a year in advance by looking at one key measurement: Count the mice the year before. continue  

Trail Volunteerism

I continue to be amazed at the volunteer trail efforts I have seen firsthand, or read about all across the country. This recent post (related), stumbling upon Trails Foundation, and a slew of groups in the southeast (like the many branches of  SORBA), made me want to volunteer some of my time to finally write …

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If a Tree Falls…Other Trees Hear It

“In a single footstep there are over 300 miles of  fungal cells stacked end-on-end moving stuff around…a super highway” moving stuff between trees. The trees communicate and share resources through that network, and even across species. They aren’t speciesist, they are mutualists, interdependent cooperators. If humans could only learn from trees how to stand erect …

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In 2016 I Turned 100

This was a milestone year for me because I have now cared for over 100 different trails*…onto the next 100! Many thanks to all the “Trailists” that  have cared with me. Older and wiser, but still plenty to see, do, and learn. *correction: In looking back and editing the tally on the portfolio page table, …

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Skidding Culture is Not Stewardship

Like many many cultures and classes of people, trail user groups (hikers, bikers, equestrians…), can be, or often are, lumped into subsets or categories and “types:” day hikers, thru hikers, pole users, trail runners, ultra runners, free riders, cross country riders, gear junkies… These user groups and subsets may be associated with certain mores, and/or …

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Breaking the ‘Green Ceiling’

“Black hikers break the ‘green ceiling’ and clear a path for nature enthusiasts: African Americans make up just 7% of people venturing to national parks while white visitors make up 78% – but Outdoor Afro is training leaders to change that…”