El Corazon

While the ” El Corazon Specific Plan” excludes bikes and equestrians, and contains very little trail, including trail that is closed unless led by docents, the “specific plan” is open to change. Being a “regional park,” El Corazon should include a larger trail element being that the other regional/metropolitan/metroparks in San Diego typically contain a non-exclusionary/multi-use trail elements in addition to natural, historic, and recreational elements.

Tuley Canyon (potential future park), Buddy Todd, Parque, MLK, Wooster, and even Guajome among other parks could connect to El Corazon via trail and bike routes.

City of Oceanside El Corazon History and Planning page: link


orange and yellow lines are for trail representation only, not actual


  • this only a draft, and is NOT meant to serve as an existing trail map because most of these trails DO NOT exist, and some are not depicted
  • lines serve for informational perspective only, and do not represent actual routing


 elcorazonmapfig2-1  elcorazonfig1-2  elcorazonfig2-3


Existing Exclusionary and Limited Access Trail Plan:

elcorazonfig2-6Yellow trail is about 1.5 miles. A perimeter trail could be about 5 miles and serve as a means to ring the park with minimal impact, have multiple pedestrian and bike access points to the facilities from surrounding streets.

El Corazon Specific Plan trail related documents:

 elcorazon2-39  elcorazon2-40
 elcorazon2-41  elcorazon2-45

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