Green Mountain Trails, Vermont

I went here because Eddie Walsh from Tahawus Trails suggested I check it out. He actually told me to go to the Norwich University Outdoor Center Trail Network, but I ended up at Green Mountain instead. Mainly because it turns out it was (partly) built by the same trail builder as Norwich, Sinuosity (I imagine that is who owns the excavator seen in the gallery above). I also heard they were on Stowe recently with another builder, Sustainable Trailworks, for the Cady Hill Trails of Stowe, Vermont (link).

I came here after a ride in Kingdom Trails in the morning. I hit rain on the way down, but it past relatively quick, and was dry enough to take a spin before heading for New York. Some of it flowed quite well, some other sections were quite tight and provided a different experience. Overall I liked the system, and definitely want to go back. My interest in seeing the trails at Norwich and Cady/Stowe has been piqued by my experience at Green Mountain.

Green Mountain Trail website


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