In The News- Multi-Use Trail Design/Layout Class

Bravo for the NYNJTC for putting this on. While mostly focused on hiking, per their mission statement, it was great that TC wanted to hold this event, for the obvious reason that hiking is still done on multi-use trails, and the number of multi-use trails is growing. This is due in part to demand, as mountain bike numbers are pretty substantial. I think horse numbers are somewhat stable at this time…that was pun.

One of several focal points of the workshop was on lowering user conflict while considering the needs of land managers and user groups.

The turnout was great, but I was hoping there would have been a few more people from the equestrian and hiking community. The MTB user group was well represented with people from JORBA (Ringwood, and Jungle), CLIMB, NYC MTB, Boy Scouts of America, and Stewards of Stewart. There was a professional trail builder, Steve with Wildness Property Management, a trail runner, and other folks interested in multi-use layout/design. Many people were already versed in the fundamentals of trail building, some not, so the dialogue was great. Thank you!

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