It is the mission of the OTC to advocate for and help create safe and sustainable places to see the city by trail, avoid the dangers of streets, and connect our communities and businesses.

Oceanside has the potential to become a model for trail circulation using modern trail science to make these experiences safe and enjoyable for all users– walkers/hikers, runners, mountain bikers, and equestrians. It is our goal to ensure we have inclusive multi-use trails, avoiding exclusivity when feasible.

OTC wants to serve as a means to involve members and the public in volunteer efforts to work with businesses, manufactures, land managers, and policy makers to do the following for trails in Oceanside:

  1. trail maintenance
    1. trim brush
    2. fix drainage issues
    3. monitor safety concerns
    4. assure signage is in place
  2. trail planning, routing/flagging, and construction
  3. preservation and protection of habitat
    1. plant natives species
    2. remove invasive species
    3. pick up litter
    4. close auxiliary social trails
  4. educate the public

OTC wishes to help provide trails that:

  1. are safe- open lines of sight, sustainable grades (10-15% max)
  2. are an enjoyable and pleasant experience for multiple users
  3. have a sense of purpose- destinations, overlooks, rock outcrops, loops etc.
    1. keep within Bike Plan objective of:
      1. “Systemic: The bikeway system will endeavor to be a complete system emphasizing local and regional continuity and connectivity”
      2. “Destination-Oriented: The bikeway system will be destination-oriented”
  4. cater to multiple levels of users- beginner to advanced hiker/runner/biker/equestrian
  5. are sustainable via the use of modern “trail science”- out sloped, sustainable grades, frequent grade reversals, positive and negative control points…(Criteria for trail placement, control points, and layout)
  6. minimize environmental impact- as a result of goal #5
    1. Positive control points-where resource managers want users to visit
    2. Negative control points-where resource managers do NOT want users to visit
  7. are low maintenance- also as a result of goal #5
  8. pleasing to the eye and maintains the esthetics and beauty of the environment that the trails will guide the users through
  9. are clearly signed
  10. bring people back again and again- because they are well designed high quality trails

OTC will be applying for 501c3 non-profit status to fund our efforts.

At the moment one OTC member attends and works with the Bike and Pedestrian Committee who usually meet the third Monday of the month at 9:00 AM in the community room next to the Oceanside City Library.

As a committee, the Bike/Ped Committee’s:

…primary responsibility… is to represent the City and advise elected officials and staff on policies pertaining to services and programs. Members of these bodies serve at the pleasure of the City Council, Community Development Commission or Harbor District Board of Directors. They do not make political decisions or act in any capacity reserved for elected officials. Members are appointed to represent the entire community and not exclusively the viewpoint of a particular group or interest. source


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