Mohican State Park and Ray’s Indoor Park, Ohio

Rays Indoor Park (pics bottom of page) is an “epic,” (imba link) but Mohican isn’t…yet…

I had to skip two rides in Indiana due to rain(Landahl and Brown County), and shot for a ride in Ohio I hadn’t planned on doing, but was quite thankful to have experienced. It also brought me within an hour of Ray’s Indoor MTB Park. Who wouldn’t make the drive after coming so far?

Mohican was a pleasant surprise. I read it was good from Spokejunkies, and Singletracks had rated it as Ohio’s best. The write up on Geoladders and mtbr helped as well.

It was awesome. It was a fantastic layout. It was well marked, littered with roots, flowy turns, well placed grade reversals, and a rhythm section of jumps. The only frustration was no extended descents, with the exception of one, maybe two. Usually, as soon as the groove of a descent kicked in it was over. Regardless, it far exceeded my expectations, and I’d be surprised if it doesn’t make IMBA Epic status some day considering some of the other Epic rides I did on this trip. The one oddity is that both myself and the geo mileage was 23, not 25. Perhaps they used a measuring wheel, not a GPS.

As far as Ray’s Indoor Park goes, it was damn cool. When I pulled up the park cat ran to the car and greeted me. Turns out he just wanted me to open the door to the park (and perhaps a belly rub). I only planned on a half hour because Mohican after Berryman the day before left me very tired, but think I stayed for two.

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