Allegrippis, Raystown Pennsylvania

I tried my best to include this trail in my trip, as I rode it about a year ago. Knowing how close it would be on my way to New York it was hard not to stop and ride it again.

This trail is a rarity for PA, because most of PA is rocky, really, really rocky. It’s not like there are no ‘smooth’ trails, or sections of smooth between the rocks. This is not designated as an IMBA Epic. IMBA has recognized, or designated, a lot of Epic trails, most of which they did not build, or have a hand in building. This trail system however, was IMBA built with several other agencies and a host of volunteers. Pictures and video rarely ever do trails justice, and this place is no exception. The rocks are slowly starting to show, but for the most part, it’s smooth, fast, and has more flow and roll in one place than any trail I have ridden. It’s one of the most fun trail systems I have ever ridden as the flow is horizontal, and vertical. It could use a few techy sections to spice it up, but it’s amusement park grins and fun nonetheless.

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