Roth Rock IMBA Epic, Pennsylvania

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Ouch. This is the Pennsylvania I’m used to, knarly chunk. There were a few smooth sections, but they were rare.

This is an IMBA Epic. Whether I rode the intended loop(s) or not I don’t know. I’m guessing there are over 100 miles here- Rothrock, and two adjacent parks. I rode 10 more miles than I intended given how harsh some of this ride was. Admittedly I had fun, but damn did the beating start to get old.

When I pulled up a fellow on a cyclocross bike was exiting the trail. I thought, it can’t be that bad. Wrong. Two other fellows rode in from a neighborhood on hard tails with rain coats as I finished. Masochists? I had to cut my ride short and take a hike-a-bike on a hiking trail to get out of the rain, or rather away from the slippery rocks and roots.

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