IMBA Epics

Kerr-Scott, North Carolina (IMBA Epic)

^Geotagged images above are on the map at bottom of post as well route: GPX file: kerr scott imba epic more info: and here: IMBA’s info on the Epic: This was a long day, but a lot of fun. I started by the Kerr-Scott dam on some of the first trails built/re-built …

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Ellicotville IMBA Epic, New York

imba trail link my rides: Elliotcottvillle IMBA Epic, Ellicotville-eagle, mesa, sidewinder,12,11 I totally lucked out and got a grand tour with a fast group from Ellicotville Bikes…and the folks on the Ellicotville map cover itself…thanks guys! The “IMBA” epic link above is what we rode, but it’s not necessarily “the” route. Combine both days for …

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Berryman Trail, Missouri

imba trail link my trip: Another gem laid out by the USFS, although it appears this trail was built pre half-rule, and there are some problem sections where the trail is now a stream and needs to be debermed and healed with some grade reversals. I suppose at 75? years old springs finding a …

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