The Epic Mountain Bike Journey West- Part 2

After a reunion with neighborhood friends from my childhood in the Outer Banks to surf, I headed home to California with a full plate of Epics on the menu for the return trip west (trip out east).

Details to each trail journey is in the list below:

  1. Douthat, Virginia
  2. Southern Traverse, Virginia
  3. Kerr-Scott, North Carolina
  4. Tsali, North Carolina (pics etc. forthcoming)
  5. Tanasi, Tennessee (pics etc. forthcoming)
  6. Coldsprings Fow Trails, Alabama
  7. Oak Mountain, Alabama
  8. Syllamo, Arkansas
  9. Pinetop, Arizona (pics etc. forthcoming)

The map below shows most of the the stops I made.

The pins in the map below are at the trail head location FYI. I do recommend MTB Projects as they have some of these trails mapped (some helpful, some not). I have posted maps (and gps tracks) in the linked posts above as well.



7 thoughts on “The Epic Mountain Bike Journey West- Part 2”

    1. Damn, I just missed you! I might be heading out that way in a few months. I pretty much skipped the Asheville/Pisgah area wanting/knowing an entire week is in order for that area.

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