Buffalo Creek, Colorado

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trip tracks: Buffalo Creek IMBA Epic

In my more than twenty years of hiking and riding, other than Prescott, AZ, I don’t know that I have ridden or hiked ‘finer’ trails. It was very much like Lynx in Prescott, only it was the Rockies.

The trail layout and design was fabulous textbook Forest Service. It rolled and twisted like Allegrippis to some degree, but felt less contrived, more natural.

With the exception of an occasional root, and mini root huck, the treads was butter, unbelievable.

I highly recommend descending Sandy Wash. It is now in my top 5 all-time best (clean) descents. There are a few videos on Vimeo and YouTube, but they really don’t do it justice. Unreal. It delivers.

I also recommend going down Nice Kitty. I climbed it, but. Next time I’ll be sure to find a way to go down. A lot of people climb Shinglemill, I opted to climb Nice Kitty and Buffalo Burn, but after seeing it I think I’d put it on par with Sandy Wash.

I’m really. Bummed I missed Charlie’s Cutoff, a single track, as I went down Millers Gulch instead, a fast fire road with a dozen or so rollers/drains.

This is high on the list to do again as I hit 20 of the 30 something miles out there.

Map: http://www.frmbp.org/assets/images/2013_BC_Trail_Map_2661x2100_75.jpg


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