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Built As Drawn

I’m not sure I would consider the analogous for trails, or that they would produce anything as interesting as these 3D drawings: bicycles-built-based-on-peoples-attempts-to-draw-them-from-memory The title is deceiving as the bikes are not “built,” they are merely 3D drawings that look real(ish). The drawings probably took a considerable amount of time to ‘build’…Drawn as Drawn.  

Dry Stone Jazz

“When I’m doing stonework, I often feel like we’re in the midst of playing changes[“soloing over…harmonic changes in [a] particular tune”], because every stone you place needs some consideration. But you can’t dwell on it all day long.” Jamie Masefield Jamie’s business site Jamie’s Music Jazz Mandolin Project Masefield Perkins Fishman Bolles Wall page

Palisades MTB formed

It’s been in the works for a while, but now it’s official, Palisades MTB, is a new local mountain bike organization hoping to “get trail access” in the Palisades. They have certainly been showing face and helping the Trail Conference at the Red Back trail building and repair events in Sterling forest. Shoot out for …

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Are we born to run?

An old video, but some interesting ideas and thoughts on the Tarahumara or Rarámuri culture, which has apparently changed in part because of tourism due to Christopher McDougall’s book Born to Run. diet: ajcn nutrition |  runner’s world “Overtraining syndrome” — “…a generation of top ultrarunners are suddenly breaking down faster and in greater numbers…” …

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Doris Duke Loop Opening another Doris Duke trail article To clarify, I designed 2/3rds of it. The first year Ama Koenigshof and John Mack laid out 1/3, and pushed the other 1/3rd to lay approximately where it is, and I worked out the details of exactly where and how. To be fair, Jeff Hutchinson, the park manager, pushed …

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A Trail Designer’s Job

There was a recent article in the Wall Street Journal on yours truly. While the title, “A Trail Designer’s Job: Get Inside Hikers’ Minds” is apt, I do more than design and layout trails. (The print title was “Blazing a trail is all in a day’s work.”) Nonetheless, other than looking like a personal ad …

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Why Bike Lovers Should Be Happy About ‘Bikelash’

Why Bike Lovers Should Be Happy About ‘Bikelash‘ “[Bikelash] describes the resistance and hostility that the increasing presence of bikes on city streets [and trails] sometimes produces in people who don’t ride bikes. That hostility can take many forms…”  

Restoring Acadia’s Trails “For decades, a small cult of hikers mapped and walked the lost trails of Acadia[, Maine], scouring the softwood for clearings, a cairn or granite steps covered in moss. Nature takes quickly, and many were completely lost. But grant money rebuilds even faster, and in 1998, a local organization called Friends of Acadia saved …

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